Sunday, October 26, 2008



shou' said...

Saw your sb on CA and wanted to drop a line here --

Great strokes! :)

Are you using gouache for the piece on top? It has a very warm color palette. Nice job.

Christie said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by!
And nope, that's just watercolor.

Stevie said...

you are amazing as always christie~
love the traditional stuff that you've been doing lately, are you majoring in illustration now?

Christie said...

Hey Stevie!
Well, depends on what you mean by that; I've always been a self declared "Illustration major" but I'm still at city college. Going to transfer to an actual "official major" sometime within the next year or two, not sure when yet.

Sofia Kaba-Ferreiro said...

Wow I really like this! :)

Brendon Neumar said...

All your stuff is incredible, and this peice is extra incredible.