Monday, January 12, 2009

Figure Drawings from way back when?

Wow! these were from last spring but I totally forgot I had them til I was diggin around my external hard drive just now.

So here they are for kicks


Josh Huang said...

these are fantasticcc

i need to find somewhere to take figure drawing classes :(

Christie said...

Mm, try your city college. It'd be nice to have a great teacher, but at the very least it never hurts to just have models to draw from!

Chanp said...

hey christie, didn't know u blog lol. found it thru leslie or stevie's blog

anyways nice work and figure drawings. going to ax this year?

Kalen Chock said...

sooo weird , i was on deviant art then i ended up on your blog and I can't figure out how I did that LOL . Ne ways I like your work though and thats cool that you take classes at the academy , and you know mio!!


chengwhich said...

wow, great sketches!

Anonymous said...