Friday, August 31, 2007

Found it

Relax now, it's a long journey ahead!



Lee said...

You like. Make me turn green. With envy. I SO HAVE GOT TO TRY THAT PAINT LOOK TECHNIQUE. Seriously, awesome color choices~!! BTW, thanks for the e-mail! I'll e-mail you back with the songs I told you about soon too.

Christie said...

Awesome. Green is a color that nature advocates, so don't worry too much about it.
And yes! I'm looking forward to those songs of yours.
Don't forget to vote at djmag for your top DJs!

Lee said...

Dude, I got your MSN message when I was away. XD I lost the website link!! D: I've been in a DJ Tiƫsto mood lately..! [haha]

Christie said... :)

Patricia Puno said...

: O Oh my, this is speed paint???
@__@ I love how you used the lighting and some earthy colors!