Sunday, October 26, 2008



Andy C. said...

Saw your sb on CA and wanted to drop a line here --

Great strokes! :)

Are you using gouache for the piece on top? It has a very warm color palette. Nice job.

Christie said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by!
And nope, that's just watercolor.

Stevie said...

you are amazing as always christie~
love the traditional stuff that you've been doing lately, are you majoring in illustration now?

Christie said...

Hey Stevie!
Well, depends on what you mean by that; I've always been a self declared "Illustration major" but I'm still at city college. Going to transfer to an actual "official major" sometime within the next year or two, not sure when yet.

S said...

Wow I really like this! :)

Brendon Neumar said...

All your stuff is incredible, and this peice is extra incredible.