Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yet another fig drawing dump

White chalk and charcoal on some black construction paper I found in the attic


Adonyel said...


Chris Chien said...

wow. inspiring.

cool soccer gestures. i think those are particularly difficult to do!

sail studio said...

thanks for the kind comment.

You have tons of cool stuff here!
great studies!!

yea I took Marshall's watercolor last fall..hope to see you around / I'll go into Maciano's class sometime to draw..

Mr Colin said...

These are awesome, keep it up!

jeremy Charpentier said...

fantastic! I'd love drawing like you! like a lot yours studies

Unknown said...

Hey Christie, your doing a fantastic job with these! Great work.

Unknown said...

the one on black paper... there you go!

kopi said...

Hello! i thing thats good for you >>

Thank you!