Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gestures and Gifs

Ah wow, time passes so fast! Before I know it, it's been months since my last update...
Scanning and posting just takes so long, you just want to move on! Most of the stuff I've been drawing in my free time are just studies and gestures anyway. Well with that said, this is a pretty random smattering of stuff.

I also just realized I rarely... wait, I never posted drawings of these original characters before despite them being having existed at least two years ago, so here's a random depiction of one of them being owned by a kid (flattering first post, indeed):

More random characters from sketchbook~
She doesn't really have a costume yet. But she does have funky bandage arms.

Also some random thumbs

Also here are some GIFs:

New > old
The last one says its a work in progress, but that was done back when I thought animating on Photoshop might have been a fun idea... Now I think not... lol!

And the next two are just for the lulz--

Unhide multiple layers in a sketchdump PSD = instant fine art!

Gestures I did with my left hand when my right was out of commission for a little while


Kwestone said...

Hey Christie! I'm catching up on the blogs I follow and WTF! Those animations are WICKED! Not like the musical... unless you like the musical.. !_!

Christie said...

Hey Chito, thanks for looking! And HAHA I haven't seen Wicked yet (man, I probably should).
Thanks again ( ゚▽゚)/ Hope you are doing well!

NPMartin said...

Cripes, Christie!!
Those gestures are too, too awesome. I love how it looks so effortless, but there's obviously a ton of great stuff and perspective going on.
Must draw more!!!

Adonyel said...

Lovin' the gifs! Keep em comin'.

Alex Ashby said...

Really sick stuff Christie, thanks for shareing!

Lee Tao said...

that bandage arm character is sweeet. make a gif for her!

Awesome gifs!

rad sechrist said...

Wow, wow, wow!!!!

chengwhich said...

wow, awesome!!!

Nikki0417 said...

Whoa, those animations are awesome and the thumbnails are fascinating. Seriously going through your blog always makes me get the itch to start sketching!

Ben Li said...

hahaha u already animate better than most dudes from animation schools.

Dude said...

Your animation is incredible! QUQ Does it take you really long to do? Even the thumbnails look so detailed!

Anonymous said...

GIFS...oh yeah...we heard that before. in GREYHOUND RACING?
Let me tell you how " fucked" he already is.
He has been connected to GEOLOGIE!
And not only that, he has sent death threats and no judge in their right mind would give him any leniency at all.
Particularly if he is into HYDRA- PETWOOD- OSIRIS....with CONDOLEEZA RICE ...and MARTIN ROPER.

Eric Henze said...


Nate Villanueva said...

fuuuuugh...your left handed sketches are way better than mine, and im left handed. :)

Cavalier Design Works said...

Nice Work!